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By becoming a supporter, you will be able to showcase your commitment to risk management and adherence to international standards within your supply chain.

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What you will pay

Demonstrating your support for the IMPA ACT Supplier Code of Conduct online is free.

What you will have to do

  • Commit internally to respecting the principles of the IMPA ACT Supplier Code of Conduct;
  • Engage as many suppliers as your capacity allows you to;
  • Report Progress on established partnerships to the IMPA ACT team twice per year and whenever a new partnership is formed, in order to avoid overlaps of engagement within the IMPA ACT programme;
  • Audit your suppliers’ yourself with seriousness and commitment, and provide the IMPA ACT team with finalised documentation before the office deems them preferred suppliers;
  • Contribute to the IMPA Community with insight, case studies and best practice when asked, unless there is a reasonable reason not to.

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