Join the IMPA ACT community

Gain access to a state-of-the-art programme that leverages off work with Responsible Business Conduct standards and increases transparency in value chains. Membership is open to ship-owners, ship-managers, maritime suppliers and manufacturers.

IMPA ACT Membership Benefits

  • Right of use for the IMPA ACT Code of Conduct for Business Relationships;
  • One company account on the csrCloud CSR Due Diligence online platform, helping you conduct operational-level impact assessments on human rights, environment and anti-corruption principles;
  • Access to guides, tools, templates and documents for working internally and with your business relationship with IMPA ACT, e.g. policy commitment templates, guides to IMPA ACT standards, etc.;
  • Initial induction into IMPA ACT and presentation of the csrCloud system;
  • Knowledge exchange through access to the private IMPA ACT members’ online forum;
  • Ability to share your own external report results with customers and suppliers to evidence alignment with the global minimum standard for responsible business conduct;
  • Occasional guidance on navigating developments in human rights due diligence;
  • Quarterly Q&A sessions from the IMPA ACT manager and regular informational newsletters;
  • Access to the IMPA ACT Certification Stage (extra fee applies);
  • One-hour session on communicating the IMPA ACT message internally and externally (on request);
  • Regular webinars, podcast episodes and knowledge-exchange sessions;
  • Promotion in the IMPA ACT Directory for Sustainable Companies;
  • Invitation and discounted participation to sustainability events and workshops run by IMPA ACT;
  • Digital certificate and logo for IMPA ACT membership;
  • Favourable Consultancy Rates with our partner, Alexony.

Annual Fees for IMPA ACT Members

Companies of all sizes should find our initiative accessible and be able to join us, therefore our fee structure takes company size into account. In addition to this, all recurring members, as well as those that are members or either IMPA or Incentra can get 10% off their annual membership fees.

Company size Annual fee
Micro (1-9 employees) £850.00
Small (10-49 employees) £1,350.00
Medium (50-249 employees) £1,800.00
Large (250+ employees) £2,600.00

Additional Services for IMPA ACT Members (Available Upon Request)

  • IMPA ACT First-Time Certification of a member company's impact assessment: £750.00. Where this fails, recommendations are issues and subsequent attempts are charged at £300.00.
  • IMPA ACT Subsequent Certification of member company's impact assessment: £250.00 per year.
  • IMPA ACT Hourly Consultancy Rate (through Alexony): £150.00 p/h or £1,250.00 per 10-hour pack.
  • IMPA ACT 360° Onboarding Process (through Alexony; includes industry template for impact assessment across the triple bottom line and unlimited guidance during this process): £4,500.00.

The IMPA ACT Member's Commitment

  • Work towards internal implementation of the requirements of the IMPA ACT Code of Conduct, i.e. establish a policy commitment, conduct regular due diligence on human (including labour) rights, environment and climate, and anti-corruption, and set up a grievance mechanism;
  • Extend the requirements of the IMPA ACT Code of Conduct to all your business relationships, collaborating closer with at least one supplier every year;
  • Report progress of your business relationships to the IMPA ACT team regularly, so as to avoid - as much as possible - overlaps of engagement within the IMPA ACT programme;
  • Join the IMPA ACT community and contribute with recommendations, insight and best practice.
  • Evaluate your business relationships at step six of the process and refer accordingly to IMPA ACT, so the team can reach out for the final certification.

Interested? Contact the IMPA ACT team.

Whether you are certain you want to join our community, want more information on one of our additional services or simply want to have a call with a member of our team to find out more about the initiative, please reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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