Welcome to IMPA ACT

By developing a comprehensive programme of engagement in the art and science of responsible supply chain management, IMPA ACT has been improving the economic, social and environmental compliance of its ship purchaser and supplier members.

Stephen Alexander, IMPA Secretary General & COO

“We built IMPA ACT when supply chain sustainability was a fairly new philosophy in the marine procurement sector. It was a pioneering idea that quickly developed into a responsible supply chain management system for those purchasers and suppliers who wanted to break down silos and build their business models around social good. In putting this initiative together, we have accomplished two important things.

Firstly, we have created best practice, as IMPA ACT features the first Supplier Code of Conduct in the marine procurement sector that is based on internationally-endorsed UN principles. Secondly, we have brought about guidance, as the path towards sustainability and traceability is often ridden with difficulties; we split the journey in small steps, offer helpful resources to tread it and provide a collaborative tool that is perfect for building long-lasting partnerships in the profession.  

With major shipping companies and suppliers having already joined our fight to create economic value while creating value for society, we hope that you will gather the benefits of joining from these pages, and soon get involved in our community. Whether you are looking to become a supporter or a full member, IMPA ACT is looking forward to welcome you on board; because only by working together can we further sustainable development goals and build a better future for everyone.”


You too can become a sustainability front-runner.