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Ole Lykke on the importance of building partnerships

June 27, 2018
In the latest issue of the MT, Ole Lykke, Head of Procurement at D/S NORDEN talked about why partnerships are so important to long-term supply chain value.

In the fourth 2018 issue of the Marine Trader, the leading publication on marine purchasing and supply, D/S NORDEN's Ole Lykke explores the importance of partnerships and collaboration in the maritime procurement sector, alluding to the importance of the IMPA ACT programme. To read the full article, please go here and follow the steps to sign up.

On how D/S NORDEN approaches collaboration

The word partnership is the key word. We try to avoid the phrase customer and supplier – we prefer partnership; it’s arguably the most important factor. We try to establish long-term relationships with our suppliers. We work with our suppliers and like to stick with them. […] We are not naïve of course; we know it’s business, and that the relationship sometimes comes down to cost, but we maintain the loyalty. It’s mutually beneficial.

On looking beyond cost when purchasing

The better suppliers know they will have to haggle on price, but will look to add value in other ways – a better service or product, for example.

On how D/S NORDEN suppliers

We focus on bundling our suppliers and service companies. […] It creates better value for both parties.

On technology and suppliers

We are very much on our toes when it comes to opportunities to use new technology. […] Suppliers want the orders as far ahead in advance as possible for their planning; if we can order parts – high expense spare parts – well in advance, then suppliers are able to plan and also to offer you a better deal (as opposed to buying ad hoc). The more you can help your suppliers, the more they can help you.

D/S NORDEN is a proud co-founder, member and supporter of the IMPA ACT initiative and uses the programme to enhance the company's relationships with its base of suppliers.

Ole Lykke on the importance of building partnerships
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