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DFDS A/S publishes 2020 Sustainability Report and reports on IMPA ACT work

February 26, 2021
More and more companies are incorporating the IMPA ACT SCoC as their main Supplier Code of Conduct, and reporting their work towards implementation of the UNGPs and OECD Guidelines in their annual CSR Reports. DFDS A/S is the latest to report on this.

IMPA ACT requires companies to report yearly on the progress made with the initiative, including explaining how they work with the UNGPs and OECD Guidelines, and why they continue doing this. Especially now with soon-to-arrive regulation from the EU on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence, this is even more important. DFDS A/S, IMPA ACT members since 2015, is the latest to report, and this is what they had to say in the latest 2020 Sustainability Report

"We recognise the importance of building and sustaining a responsible supply chain. Our procurement team strives to minimise the risk of us negatively affecting human rights (including labour rights) and the environment across our supply chain. We joined the responsible supply chain programme IMPA ACT in 2015. This initiative of the International Marine Purchasing Association aims to improve the economic, social, and environmental compliance of its ship purchaser and supplier members. As many shipping companies share suppliers, a standardised common system helps keep the industry compliant. Our Supplier Code of Conduct incorporates the IMPA ACT Supplier Code of Conduct, which is based on the UN Global Compact and its Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. It asks all DFDS suppliers to conform to the code and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations where they operate. They must also have policies and procedures in place to respect human rights, address significant environmental impacts, counter corruption, and responsibly deal with ship recycling."

The team is pleased to see companies' continued commitments towards responsible business conduct and supply chain management, and is looking forward to hearing about others' journeys towards impact documentation. You can find DFDS' full CSR report here.

DFDS A/S publishes 2020 Sustainability Report and reports on IMPA ACT work
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