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Executive Update: Special Appeal in Light of COVID-19

March 23, 2020
All power is weak unless united, so let’s work together in the months ahead as the big global procurement community that we are in tackling COVID-19.

As we wake up in the unknown territory of the coronavirus outbreak, we see that the shipping industry is not insulated from the economic disruption, security issues and geopolitical considerations associated with this global public health issue. As an international community, however, we are in this together and I am confident we will get through it together.

The global shipping industry, despite facing severe disruption, needs to continue keeping world trade running, so we must ensure we take the necessary measurements to ensure that we can fight this while carrying on as usual. At a minimum, we need to ensure that employees can work in an environment that is safe from exposure to the virus and we need to look further to our supply chains and take action as much as possible to protect those who work in areas with limited access to health facilities. It is a time where we need to leave selfishness behind and help shield the most vulnerable in our communities.

I want to take a moment to update you on our own response and the steps that we are taking at IMPA to ensure the safety of our community of employees, council members, ambassadors, members and supporters. Firstly, we have temporarily restricted all business travel, so our team will not be on the road in the following weeks. Secondly, our entire team, despite carrying on as usual, is now working from home and staying safe in isolation to limit as much as possible the spread of the virus. Finally, we are closely monitoring all international and national guidance on dealing with the pandemic, and we will inform you should any rule have a direct impact on any of our projects and initiatives.

For some moments of escapism, you can follow us on social media where we keep you in the loop about our projects and initiatives. Alternatively, I can recommend the following pages that keep us up to date with the latest guidance for the shipping industry on COVID-19:

This is an appeal to join forces and to stand behind the global effort taken by Governments, Health Authorities and the World Health Organisation. Let’s remember that we have a strong network and that we can rely on each other – now more than ever – to solve any local challenges that may arise in this difficult time. Anyone wishing to seek member support, please contact us on our dedicated email,, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Please stay safe.

Susan Koefoed
Chair & CEO,
International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA ACT Founder)

Executive Update: Special Appeal in Light of COVID-19
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