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Meet the IMPA/Green Business Bureau Programme

December 1, 2021
Work to green your business, get rewarded, become recognised (now in the IMPA Members' Directory too)!

Back in May 2021, IMPA announced a long-awaited partnership with Green Business Bureau in order to bring the GBB Sustainability Programme, Framework and Certification to the global maritime industry. This is an initiative that will enable companies in the maritime supply and manufacturing sector to use a custom-made and industry-specific online EcoPlanner to understand, prioritise, implement, and certify their green initiatives, while being recognised in the IMPA Members’ Directory and GBB database for their efforts. Called at the time “a dream come true” by IMPA CEO Susan Koefoed, this programme allows – in a nutshell – suppliers and manufacturers in the shipping industry to work towards greening their business, get rewarded and become recognised.

During an organised period of beta-testing, five companies have gone through the online self-assessment and have completed it successfully. Our thanks and congratulations go to Albatros, Deckhouse, Francois Marine, Mare Supply and Neko Ship Supply who have obtained Gold and Platinum Sustainability Levels and are helping the development team perfect the custom-made EcoPlanner before officially launching it to the wider community.

“Francois Marine is committed to a policy of conserving the environment, adopting the latest environmental standards and going beyond what is required by regulations and legislation. We are proud to have achieved a Platinum standard of the GBB certification program.” (Francois Marine Senior Management Team)

“As we are gearing towards a fresh start to our new chapter at our newly custom built premises, we are very excited to be a part of GBB and their user friendly platform to help us guide our operations in a more environmentally friendly sustainable way to not only continue being one of the leader ship suppliers in the US but also lead the US marine industry in a way we can make a change for tomorrow and the next generations to come.” (Deckhouse Ship Supply)

Here is how the IMPA Green Business Bureau Programme can help you build on and get recognised for your sustainability efforts.

WHAT is the IMPA GBB Green Business EcoAssessment and EcoProfile?

GBB will provide members with an online application for the GBB EcoAssessment™ and a library of initiatives and plans in the EcoPlanner™ tools to understand, prioritise, implement and certify their green initiatives. The EcoPlanner™, featuring a list of industry-specific and initiatives as a result of research and development conducted by IMPA, will enable members to get credit for the sustainability actions they have already taken for their industries, including recycling, efficient lighting, solar, green energy, plastic elimination, waste management and carbon offsetting. Individual initiatives will be rated on environmental impact, implementation cost and effort, and will be worth 1 to 40 EcoPoints™. Businesses reaching the gold and platinum levels will then be verified by the Green Business Bureau.

WHY should IMPA supplier members participate in the IMPA Green Business Programme?

Sustainability certification for business is more than just a stamp of approval. It is a commitment to making business changes that really make an impact. These green programmes and social initiatives are not just one-off tactics. They can build upon each other and help to ensure eco-friendly and socially responsible programmes are ingrained into each part of a business. Businesses join GBB and become more sustainable to make a positive impact on the environment, as well as to create a more socially responsible corporate culture.

HOW does the IMPA Green Business Programme work?

Leveraging the GBB Sustainability programme is all online and easy:

  1. Companies need to sign up for membership at for immediate access to GBB’s library of green initiatives and online EcoPlanner tool that includes maritime-specific initiatives. IMPA members can use coupon code IMPA20 for a one-time 20% discount.
  2. Next, they will complete the GBB EcoAssessment to earn EcoPoints for the green initiatives already completed and to create a baseline EcoScore.
  3. Once a business completes the GBB prerequisites, it will be able to earn different levels of the Green Business Bureau status seals (with GBB verification) and share their official EcoProfile publicly, as well as have the seal included in their listing in the IMPA Members’ Directory.
  4. Companies will be encouraged to use the EcoPlanner regularly to find and implement new green initiatives and become an even greener business.

WHO is the IMPA Green Business Bureau Programme for?

All companies working in the manufacturing or supply of goods and/or services to the maritime sector should jump onboard and go through the assessment. Whether you are already doing a great deal for the environment and have sustainability embedded in your company’s ethos or you are only now looking to really begin your CSR journey, you cannot miss out! In a similar vein, professionals working in the ship-owning, ship-operating or ship-management sector will now be able to look up suppliers in the IMPA Members’ Directory and see where they are in their sustainability journeys.

WHEN can I get involved with the IMPA Green Business Programme?

Now, and the sooner, the better! Just head over to to get started or go to to find out more. And for a one-time 20% off discount, all IMPA members can use coupon code IMPA20!

Meet the IMPA/Green Business Bureau Programme
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