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Simsekler Group becomes IMPA ACT member

October 23, 2019
Simsekler Group, one of the leading ship supply and ship recycling companies of Turkey joins IMPA ACT in an attempt to embrace a more sustainable business practice.

As described in their mission, the company's business ethic and strategy are based on complete honesty and accountability. Despite not having partnered yet under the IMPA ACT initiative, Simsekler wanted to start their journey towards a sustainable supply chain management and become more aware about the impacts that the company and its suppliers have on the economy, human rights and the environment. On behalf of IMPA, we would like to wish Simsekler a warm welcome.

Adem Simsek, President of Simsekler Ship Chandlers & Ship Repair Inc, said:

“Simsekler, as one of the leading and most reliable ship chandler companies, improves and renews itself constantly to keep its standards high and competitive for our sustainability in this field since 1976. While we aim to fulfill the particular needs of our clients, we also embrace quality, perfection and customer satisfaction with our logistic advantages, efficiency and strong human resources. We offer serving one-stop ship supplies to all Turkish Ports, Tuzla shipyards, Dardanelles and Bosphorus Straits, ship repair and green ship recycling. Our company has been accredited in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and ISO 45001. We are members of IMPA, ISSA, TURSSA, DTO, ALTO and Tradenet, and have been tracking some portals such as UN Global Compact and now IMPA ACT to get involved in the global maritime network, as we work very hard for the development of shipping in Turkey. We believe that getting involved in responsible supply chain management system through IMPA ACT for the global maritime industry will provide us with the opportunity of being in the same social network as our customers, to promote respectable long-term relations with the clients, to create an economic value in this field, to increase our collaboration, share the new vision in ship supply and to preserve our market leadership in our expertise areas.”

Jasmine Schestak, IMPA Senior Project Manager, said:

“It is great to see the IMPA ACT programme gaining more and more traction. Simsekler is the leading and biggest green ship recycling company in Turkey and a long-time member of IMPA. It is particularly great that they are now supporting the IMPA ACT initiative too and working towards establishing a responsible supply chain management process."
Simsekler Group becomes IMPA ACT member
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